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Collect your sample:


Open the box and remove one swab from its package without touching the sponge tip. (The other swab is for your partner).


Holding the swab by the grip (white cap), remove the swab from the plastic tube and place the tube on a clean surface.


Position the swab inside your left cheek where saliva gathers, between the inner cheek and bottom jawline. Swipe back and forth 10 times. Repeat on your right cheek.


Once you have taken the sample, put the swab back into the plastic tube and securely close it.


Both you and your partner will have a sample ID sticker inside the test kit. Take one and write your legal first and last name (no middle names), date of birth (day/month/year), phone number, sex assigned at birth and date you collected the sample. Use a pen (markers smudge).


Place your sticker around your swab tube carefully, just below the closed lid.


Enter your sample ID by logging into members.eugenelabs.com

Return your sample:


Place both your tube and your partner’s tube into the same sealed bag and back into the box provided.


Peel off the tape protector and seal the box closed.


Return your sample in any yellow Australia Post box. Alternatively, you can take your sample to your local Post Office.

If you have any questions, reach out to our support team at 0480 020 321
or hello@eugenelabs.com. We’re here to help.