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Why eugene?

It’s an at-home saliva test. No referrals, no waiting rooms, no lines, no worries.

Your DNA gets analysed in a medical-grade lab. We cover the shipping too.

Get a doctor-backed prevention & early detection plan based on your unique needs and goals.

Speak with a genetic counsellor over video for one-on-one support. Whenever it works for you — for free.

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Frequently asked questions

Your saliva sample is destroyed after 30 days. In unusual cases when testing takes longer than 30 days, the specimen will be retained until the report is delivered.

First, order your test online. We’ll ship your test kit within two days and you can provide your saliva sample from home.

In the meantime, tell us more about your personal health and family health history. Your genetic counsellor at Eugene will review your health history so we can personalise your genetic testing experience and make sure the test is right for you. Your genetic counsellor may follow up with some questions or ask for you to book in a consult before going ahead with the test.

Once your results are in, we’ll send you a note to book in a time to chat through your results. Meet one of our genetic counsellors online to get your results and get clear on any options and next steps. If you’d like, your genetic counsellor can also share your results with your doctor or make specialist referrals if needed.

Yes. Even if you don’t have a family history you could still have a genetic risk that increases your own risk. Not everyone who carries an increased risk gene variant will develop cancer, so not every family will have a cancer history.

1 in 20 people have a gene variation that increase their risk of developing cancer. Knowing whether or not there’s one in you or your family could be lifesaving.

As a healthcare company, we comply with the most stringent local and international privacy and security regulations. We take incredible care to use technical, process and physical safeguards to secure your personal information and protect it against misuse, loss or alteration.

Finally, Eugene doesn’t share any of your data with anyone but you, the lab, and (with your express permission) your doctor.

You can access our free education tools, sign up for ongoing EugeneCare+ support, or take your results to your GP or specialist for follow ups.