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Make smarter health choices with our guided genetic tests.

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Your genes are an instruction manual for you. We help you read it.

With Eugene, you get:

Results and advice you can act on

Genetic insights and guidance to help you make smart choices for your health, family and future.

Guided and caring counselling

Every member is paired with a genetic counsellor to support and guide you every step of the way.

Great at home care at a good price

Certified genetic health screenings at home with quality care that feels good; at a price that works.

We’re like a checkup for your genes, and

We’re here to help you at every stage.

For example, suppose that...
  • You’re thinking about having a baby
  • You want to know more about your “runs in the family” cancer risk (soon!)
  • You’ve been thinking about the “runs in the family” heart conditions (soon!)
  • You’re going on anti-depressants but don’t know how your body will respond (soon!)
1. Request a pre-pregnancy genetic screening on the Eugene app.
It’s a checkup to find out if you or your partner carry any genetic conditions that could be passed on to your family. We’ll work to get any necessary physician approvals and ship you a collection kit in 2 days.
2. Connect with your personal genetic counsellor.
They tailor Eugene for you based on your health, family history and lifestyle. They also help you review what to expect and how to prepare for your results.
3. Speak to your counsellor for (and about) your results.
They help you understand your results, and if necessary, help you consider your options and make choices that feel right for you. You can even dial your GP in.
4. Learn more about your results, and keep track of your health plans and appointments.
Results and additional resources are always in the app, and always in simple language. You can even request another call from your counsellor who can assist with your personalized care at every step.

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Health inequalities are real. We want to help fix that.

Building diversity in healthcare.

Eighty-one percent of genome studies are based on people of European descent.
The rest of the world is critically under-represented and as a result, are often left behind in healthcare advances, worsening existing health inequalities and creating new ones.

Having a lot of diverse genetic data can make the difference in getting the right drug or the right treatment to the right person.

We built Eugene to give everyone easy access to genetic screenings to make smarter health choices and we work with our research partners to improve ethnic and racial representation in genomic research. With your permission, of course!

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