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Know your genes so you can make important and timely health choices at every stage of your life.

Carrier screening
Cancer risk test

Expert, convenient, compassionate. It's at-home healthcare the way it should be.

For family planning

Carrier Screening

Make confident pregnancy choices for the health of your family with our at-home carrier test and supportive online genetic counselling.

Carrier screening tests your DNA for variations that could cause a serious genetic condition in your child. We screen for close to 300 conditions including Cystic Fibrosis, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Thalassaemia, and Tay-Sachs disease.

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For long-term health

Proactive cancer risk test

Understand your genetic risk of developing certain cancers so you can make important health choices that are right for you.

Eugene's proactive cancer risk test looks for inherited gene variations that increase your risk of developing some of the most common types of cancer – including breast, ovarian, bowel and prostate cancer.

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For providers

Clinical grade genetic testing made easy for you and your patients.

We integrate seamlessly with your practice and make it easy for you to offer an end-to-end clinical grade genetic testing and genetic counselling service to your patients.

  • Accessible nationwide
  • Genetic counselling included
  • Accredited lab results
  • Integrates into your practice
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How does Eugene work?

It's honest, actionable, clinical-grade healthcare in the comfort of your own home.

Get your kit delivered

Order online and provide your saliva sample from home.

Tell us about you

Fill us in on your personal health & family history.

Video call for your results

Meet genetic counsellors online without leaving your couch.

Get your care plan

A care plan with next steps tailored to your results.

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About our technology

Actionable results that you and your doctor can act on.

Your DNA is analysed in a CLIA and CAP certified laboratory that is internationally certified and accredited to perform genetic tests for healthcare services.

Certified labs meet certain quality standards, including qualifications for individuals who perform the test and standards that need to be met to ensure the accuracy and reliability of results.

Honest pricing

One price includes everything.

Simple, transparent pricing with no surprises.
We also offer interest free financing from $40 a month to make things easier for you.

Carrier screening starts at


  • Checks your DNA for variations that could cause a serious genetic condition in your child.
  • At-home saliva collection kit and online genetic counselling after the test.
  • Screen as an individual, a couple, or as an individual with a donor.
  • Simple language reports for you & your doctor.
  • Online pre-test education that can be done in your own time via our app.
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Proactive cancer risk test


  • Checks your DNA for inherited variations that increase your risk of common types of cancer.
  • At-home saliva collection kit and online genetic counselling before & after the test.
  • For proactive choices to improve long-term health
  • A prevention & screening plan tailored to your personal risk.
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What do people say about Eugene? Lot's of nice things.

“We were unsure about genetic testing but so happy we were recommended to Eugene! The process was simple, everything was so easy to understand and Zoe explained everything with care and compassion. Highly recommended!”

Melbourne AU, May 2019

"You’ve made a complex and overwhelming test and all that involves seem less daunting especially given how you can explain things in everyday peoples terms. We’ve learnt a lot and I believe in turn we’ve educated so many of our family and friends on what’s available and the importance of testing, I only wish we had done it sooner.”

Warragul AU, Nov 2019

“I highly recommend Eugene to anyone considering a pregnancy, whether you have already started your family or not. The information provided by this service allows you to understand your genetic health in a supported environment. Eugene is a true step forward in the accessibility and affordability of this type of testing. A+”

Southport AU, Oct 2019
Why Eugene?

Equal access to care empowers us all to make health choices that are our own.

We can plan our futures, take care of our families, and get the support we need to achieve what we want. For too long, healthcare services have been carried out with little say from the people it serves, without consideration to our practical, emotional or cultural needs.

We started Eugene to create a kinder, gentler and more affordable approach to health — to build the kind of healthcare service that we’d want for ourselves and our loved ones.

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Getting started with Eugene

Take action for better health outcomes for you and your family.

Carrier Screening

A checkup to see if you or your partner are carrying any genetic conditions that could be passed on to your children.

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Proactive cancer risk test

At-home genetic test to help you determine if you have inherited a genetic risk for common types of cancer.

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