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What will the results mean for me?

Knowing your personal cardiac risk can help you make choices above and beyond normal healthy living.

Your personalised action plan

Your Eugene care team reviews your genetic test results and your personal & family history to help you understand your lifetime risk of a heart condition. Based on your results, we also discuss screening and prevention measures that you and your doctor can act on.

These measures can include —

  • Specific lifestyle changes to improve long-term health
  • More frequent screenings to catch heart disease early
  • Medications to lower your long-term risk
  • In some rare cases, more serious options like surgery to consider

Genetic counselling and next steps

Your Eugene counsellor is there to help you understand your results and feel empowered to make choices that are right for you. They can also connect you to a network of healthcare professionals & community groups to make sure you’re always supported.

Frequently asked questions

Eugene offers a proactive heart health test for healthy individuals who would like to be proactive about their heart health by understanding their risk of developing a cardiovascular condition.

This test can help you better understand their genetic risk of developing heart conditions and to create a personalised risk report and action plan.

It’s important to know that this test cannot diagnose you with a heart condition, confirm if you have a heart condition, or tell if you will ever develop a heart condition.

If you have a family history that suggests you’d benefit from seeing a doctor or heart-health specialist, we’ll reach out and let you know prior to testing your sample.

You can find the full list of conditions screened for here.