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Lady Brains: Scaling Eugene where the margin of error is zero.

Lady Brains: Scaling Eugene where the margin of error is zero.

In this Episode of Lady Brains, Eugene's Zöe Milgrom joins the pod to talk about co-founding Eugene, whose ambition is to make genetic testing available to everyone.

Zoe began her career as a genetic counsellor; she decoded complex information for patients about their genetic conditions and provided emotional and psychosocial support for a genetic diagnosis.

In 2017 while on mat leave, she started thinking about how there had to be a simpler and more affordable way to offer genetic tests to the broader community. At this exact moment the stars aligned, and she met her co-founder Kunal, and after 6 months of co-founder dating, they set out to change the genetic testing landscape, providing an end-to-end online patient experience.


You’ll learn:

  • Why it took Zoe and her co-founders almost two years to build their MVP 
  • The challenges around scaling a health tech company where the margin of error is zero 
  • How Eugene secured millions of dollars in venture funding to scale the business, and how they’re deploying that capital 
  • How the current economic climate has forced them to rethink their fundraising strategy 
  • How overcoming fear has been a central theme of Zoe’s start-up story 
  • How Zoe approaches the never-ending juggle of founder-life and parenthood.