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For individuals

Eugene’s genetic carrier screen is a convenient at-home, saliva-based test that checks to see if you carry any genetic variations that could increase the chance of having a child with a significant inherited condition. Based on your results, we may recommend having your reproductive partner screened. You may want to consider our couple or donor carrier test for a quicker turn-around-time, more accurate risk profile and for only an additional $200.

All of our tests screen for the more common conditions including cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy and fragile X syndrome. In addition, our Expanded panel screens for 268 recessive conditions, and 21 X-linked conditions and our Comprehensive panel for more than 500 conditions.


More genes, more conditions, more actionable advice - Introducing Eugene Comprehensive

Go above and beyond with our Eugene Comprehensive carrier screen. Benefit from advances in genetic research and get a more complete picture of the health of your future family.