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The Importance of Genetic Counselling for us as Future Parents.

genetic counselling session


Reproductive carrier screening was an essential component of our family planning journey, offering valuable insights into our genetic health as prospective parents. As advancements in genetic testing continue, I've realised the significance of coupling reproductive carrier screening with genetic counselling. 

Together, my partner and I felt it was important to share why genetic counselling and education should be included in your carrier test price and in making informed decisions for the well-being of our future family.

Genetic counselling has proven to be a personalised and supportive process that helps us understand the genetic risks of having children. As we embark on our family planning journey, genetic counselors play a crucial role in explaining complex genetic concepts with compassion and accessibility. They help us interpret our carrier screening results, discuss potential risks of passing on genetic conditions, and explore available reproductive options.

Importance of Genetic Counselling in Our Journey

  • Informed Decision-Making: Genetic counsellors have equipped us with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about our family planning. Understanding our carrier status and the potential risks involved has empowered us to explore various reproductive options, such as natural conception, assisted reproductive technologies, or prenatal testing.
  • Emotional Support: The process of reproductive carrier screening can be emotionally challenging, especially if unexpected results arise. Thankfully, our genetic counselor provides a supportive and empathetic environment, helping us process our emotions and navigate through difficult choices.
  • Understanding Implications: As individuals without a medical background, the complexities of genetics and carrier screening results can be overwhelming. Our genetic counsellor has bridged this knowledge gap, explaining the implications of our test results, the chances of passing on genetic conditions, and the potential impact on future generations.
  • Family Health History: Our genetic counsellor has thoroughly delved into our family health history, identifying any potential genetic red flags that could impact our reproductive decisions. This comprehensive approach has given us a more holistic understanding of potential risks. Their understanding and knowledge of our history, genetics and conditions were much more than our GP and reproductive specialists could offer.
  • Personalised Reproductive Plans: Our genetic makeup is unique, and our genetic counsellor has tailored our reproductive plans accordingly. Considering our specific genetic risks and preferences, this personalised approach allows us to make decisions aligned with our values and goals. They have taken our beliefs and personal situation into account when discussing the next steps in our care plan.
  • Ethical Considerations: Our genetic counsellor has facilitated discussions about ethical implications, including the potential of passing on genetic conditions to our future children, for example, preparing us for a baby with a condition and what we may need in the future. These conversations have allowed us to explore ethical dilemmas and make choices that align with our beliefs.

Throughout this journey, we have realised that genetic counselling is an indispensable component of reproductive carrier screening. Our genetic counsellor has empowered us with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about our family planning. As genetic testing technology advances, the role of genetic counsellors becomes even more critical in providing personalised support and education. The process of carrier screening can be complex and emotionally charged, and the guidance and expertise of our genetic counsellor have ensured that we have a compassionate and understanding partner throughout our journey.

By combining reproductive carrier screening with genetic counselling, we approach our family planning with confidence, armed with a comprehensive understanding of our genetic health. Embracing this empowering process, we are making informed decisions that will contribute to the well-being of our future family. We are setting the stage for a healthier and more genetically aware generation, ensuring that our family's future is grounded in knowledge and compassion.


We completed a comprehensive reproductive carrier screening, due to us both as partners having diverse backgrounds, but also we didn't know many of our family member's health histories. This test was the best choice for us and included Genetic Counselling within the price end-to-end available from the comfort of our home at a time that suited our busy lives.