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How to get a genetics test


Unlocking health insights has never been easier. At Eugene, we provide simple and accessible genetic testing options for people looking to explore their genetic makeup and for people thinking about having a baby. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to get a genetic test in the easiest way possible.

Step 1: Order Your Test Online

Your journey toward personalised genetic insights is just a click away. We’ve removed the barrier that referrals and forms can present. Simply choose the genetics test that is right for you – whether it's family planning or understanding potential health risks. Once you've decided, we'll take care of the rest, delivering your test kit to your door, with free delivery. This is healthcare designed around your life, giving you control over your journey.

Step 2: Share Your Health Story

At Eugene, we understand that everyone has their own unique story. After you’ve ordered your genetics test, tell us a bit about your health history and goals. This helps us customise your results to your specific situation, so the insights you get are relevant and actionable. Sharing your doctor's details also lets us collaborate to provide precise and helpful information. Your path is unique – and our approach reflects that.

Step 3: Collect your sample

Collecting your genetics sample with Eugene is a breeze. Simply spit in a tube, pop it into the prepaid return package we provide – and you're finished. No needles, no discomfort, no worries. A few moments of providing saliva is all it requires. This straightforward process allows you to better understand your genetics from the comfort of your own home.


Genetic counsellor providing video consult

Step 4: Discuss Your Results with a Genetic Expert

Once we receive your sample, our internationally accredited lab starts analysing your genetic information. These test results are typically ready within 3-6 weeks. Book a video call with one of our certified genetic counsellors to walk through your report. This session is all about making things clear and holding space for you to ask questions, so you know what to do with your results. We're here for you every step of the way of your genetic health journey.


Conclusion: Genetic Insights to empower you

Getting a genetics test with Eugene is a pathway to empowerment, understanding yourself, and personalised healthcare. With a commitment to simplicity and empathy, we've redefined how genetics testing can fit seamlessly into your life. You can take control of your health narrative today and unlock the insights that could shape your future choices. Our team is here to help you navigate this journey with confidence.