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Core Carrier Screening

Core Carrier Screening is an at-home pregnancy genetic test that checks to see if you have a higher chance of passing on three of the most common genetic diseases that affect children in Australia. This test screens for cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy & fragile X syndrome.

For women — before or within first trimester of pregnancy
Screens for 3 genetic conditions

Saliva sample collection

Free Genetic Counselling included

What's included

At-home genetic test

At-home sample collection kit

Medical Grade Testing

DNA analysis in a certified laboratory

Doctor reviewed test results

Consult with a genetic counsellor

Frequently asked questions

Each test comes with a consult with a Eugene genetic counsellor to discuss your results and any options you want to consider. If you’d like, we’ll also provide specialist referrals to support your ongoing care or forward your results to your GP or specialist.

Plus you can always access our free education tools or sign up for ongoing EugeneCare+ support.

80% of babies born with an inherited genetic condition had no family history of it. That’s why Eugene’s carrier screening is relevant when you are planning a pregnancy, regardless of your family background or history.

Core Carrier Screening includes Cystic fibrosis (CF), Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and Fragile X. These are 3 of the most common genetic disease that affect children in Australia. 1 in 20 people find out they are carriers of a condition on this test.

Our Expanded and Comprehensive Carrier Screening options are much more inclusive to risks faced by everyone, because certain conditions are more common in different ethnicities — and its 2023, so most of us are more mixed than we think we are!

8 out of 10 people who do our comprehensive carrier screening test find out they are healthy carriers of at least one condition. Knowing this info in advance is really important because it can open up reproductive options and even significantly reduce the chance of passing the specific condition.

1 in 240 couples find out they have a high risk of having a child with one of the 3 conditions we screen for in this test.

With our Comprehensive Carrier Screening, 1 in 40 partners find out that they have a high risk of having a child with one of the 500 conditions on the test.

This test is not meant to diagnose a person with any of the conditions screened for.