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Collecting your saliva sample

Watch the video to begin and then follow the step by step instructions below.

Entire process takes 5-10 minutes

1. Find your Oragene collection kit

Inside the Oragene collection kit, you’ll find the tube you need to spit in.

2. Spit in the tube

You’ll need to fill it to the marked line on the tube — bubbles don’t count. Make sure you don’t eat, drink, chew, make out, smoke or brush your teeth for 30 minutes before spitting in the tube.

3. Shut the lid completely

Fun fact: This releases the preservatives in the lid to keep your sample stable while it travels back to us.

4. Unscrew the funnel and screw the cap on

You’ll find this cap inside the Oragene collection kit. Screw this onto to the tube tightly.

5. Shake it (like a polaroid picture)!

This mixes in the preservatives with your sample keeping it stable as it travels back to us.

6. Fill in your details on the tube

This includes your name, date of birth, and collection date.

Pro tip: The date needs to be filled in American style – MM DD YY.

7. Place the tube in the biohazard bag and seal it.

You’ll find this bag in the little compartment inside the return box. Place the tube inside the bag, peel the self adhesive and seal it. Then place the bag inside the return box.

8. Seal the return box and send it back.

Peel the self-adhesive on return box to seal it. Make sure the box has a return label on the back and then drop it at any Australia Post Priority Mailbox.

... And you're all done!

We’ll keep you posted on the status of your sample. And just so you know, results usually arrive in 3-6 weeks.