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Carrier testing made easy for you and your patients.

Eugene offers at-home carrier testing, online genetic counselling & seamless integration with your practice.

All inclusive patient pay price starts at $549

A clinical snapshot of Eugene's carrier screening

Simple sample collection, timely turnaround, empathetic experts and the latest genetic testing methods. It's all a part of what we do.

You refer a patient, we take care of the rest.

We think genetic testing should be a convenient, compassionate and accessible experience. That’s why we created Eugene. We make it easy for you to offer an end-to-end clinical grade genetic testing and genetic counselling service to your patients.

Accessible nationwide

We provide an end-to-end service Australia and New Zealand wide.

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Genetic education and counselling

Every patient gets access to pre-test education and post-test genetic counselling from qualified GCs.

Clinical grade service

You get accredited lab results, Eugene reports and fully informed patients.

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Integrates into your practice

Send referrals and get reports within your clinical systems and workflow.

What is Eugene's carrier testing service?

Comprehensive reproductive genetic carrier screening, education & counselling

Eugene’s carrier screening test helps identify if your patients are at risk of having a child with a serious, relevant or clinically actionable condition.

Our clinical team have carefully curated pre-test educational resources so your patients have the most up-to-date testing experience. Post-test genetic counselling is included for eerie patient with before, during and after hour secure video consultations.

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About the test panel

A testing panel of close to 300 serious and actionable diseases.

We use an Invitae panel that includes close to 300 recessive and x-linked conditions including Cystic Fibrosis, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Fragile X syndrome, Thalassemia, and Tay-Sachs disease.

These diseases are serious, actionable and relevant for patients to know about:

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It’s comprehensive

When combined, the average risk of having a child with one of these diseases is higher than the risk of having a child with Down syndrome.

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It’s actionable

Diseases that impact a child’s life expectancy or development & have limited treatment — where the knowledge of your risk can give you options.

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It’s inclusive to all

Our test includes many serious diseases that are more common in different ethnic communities and are often excluded in industry standard tests.

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Information on carrier screening should be offered to all women planning a pregnancy or in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Why carrier testing?

An increasingly routine practice in preconception and prenatal care.

Everyone wants a healthy baby. Offering carrier screening to every patient, regardless of their ethnicity, age or family history, means better surveillance for more serious conditions. Knowing any risks in advance can help your patients make more informed reproductive choices; and if necessary, significantly reduce the risk of passing on a disease.

With both the RACGP and RANZCOG recommending that providers offer carrier screening to their patients who are family planning, the impetus to inform patients about carrier screening has never been greater.

The pregnancy checklist. Do a carrier screening test with Eugenelabs


of people screened by Eugene are found to be carriers of at least one disease.


of babies born with an inherited genetic disease had no family history of it.


of carrier couples are missed when only screened for CF and SMA3.

Patient friendly pricing

One price includes everything.

Simple, transparent pricing with no surprises. We also offer interest-free financing1 from $40 a month to make things easier for your patients.


for individuals

Includes the test for one person, pre-test education, post-test genetic counselling, shipping + handling and everything else.


for couples

Includes testing for two people, pre-test education, post-test genetic counselling, shipping + handling and everything else.

About our team

We're making genetic testing easy for you and your patients.

We’re a team of clincians, genetic counsellors, technologists and designers working to make genetic testing accessible, affordable and convenenient. We believe that a compassionate, emotionally supportive, and culturally sensitive environment is super important in making these services accessible to everyone.

We embrace the science and ethics behind genetic testing to only offer your patients products that we would use ourselves, and recommend to loved ones. These are products that can provide people with relevant information so they can make important health choices.

Kunal Kalro. Founder & CEO at Eugenelabs

Kunal Kalro

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Zoë Milgrom. Founder & Chief Clinical Officer at Eugenelabs

Zoë Milgrom

Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Kate Lanyon. Founder & Chief Technology Office at Eugenelabsr

Kate Lanyon

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Prof. David Amor Medical Director & Clinical Geneticist

Prof. David Amor

Medical Director & Clinical Geneticist

Featured on

Kunal Kalro
Founder & CEO

I’m an experienced entrepreneur & product designer that loves to build products that takes something confusing (like genetics) and makes it easy to approach and understand. I’m a bit from all over the place, and I’ve lived and worked in Australia, US, Latin America, Middle East & India. I speak 4 languages and I’m also a bit obsessed with Burning Man.

I started Eugene because unequal health outcomes for people, especially the ones within the same healthcare system, is an infuriating inequity I could no longer stand by. Not to mention, the lack of diversity in genetic data means that as a minority, I’ll personally be on the receiving end of that inequity sooo I figured that I better get to work.

Zoë Milgrom
Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

I’m a Genetic Counsellor and I’ve spent the past 10 years working in a clinical setting, providing ethical & clinically relevant genetic testing in public and private health systems, and supporting people through education and psychosocial support at every stage of life from pregnancy, birth and planning for death.

I believe that the current paternalistic model of healthcare isn’t what works for most people and having worked in the system, I’ve come to appreciate how hard it is to change it from the inside. I started Eugene because I want genetics to be accessible to everybody and I’m very passionate about increasing genetic awareness, providing guidance and support, and testing that is relevant and ethical. Most importantly, I want people to have a positive relationship with their genetic status rather than see it as a disability or a disease.

Kate Lanyon
Founder & Chief Technology Officer

I am the keeper of keys and code at Eugene. An experienced technologist and critical thinker I have a proven ability to understand new domains, pinpoint real world problems and create technical solutions. I have a collaborative leadership style and I believe in the empowerment and inclusion of everyone on the team. I thrive in the quick pace and commitment of start-ups and high performing teams where I can apply a range of skills.

I am committed to diversity and equal access to technology, and encourage everyone I can to pursue a career in this industry as I have found it extremely rewarding. My current interests are all things security, functional programming and serverless architecture.

Prof. David Amor
Medical Director & Clinical Geneticist

David trained in paediatrics and genetics at the Royal Children’s Hospital before completing a PhD in Chromosome Biology at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. In 2016 he was appointed to the Galli Chair in Developmental Medicine at the University of Melbourne, prior to which he was Director of Victorian Clinical Genetics Services. His current research focuses on the genetics of intellectual disability, the translation of new genetic technologies into clinical practice and the identification of genes for rare syndromes.

David is passionate about raising awareness about genetic conditions and has been integral in the development and implementation of many population screening programs.