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Couples Carrier Screening

At-home genetic test bundle that screens couples for 620+ genes to check their risk of passing on a serious disease to their child. It includes a bulk billed Core test for the person assigned female at birth, which screens for cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy and fragile X, plus an extended panel for both reproductive partners with a combined report looking at 100's of other inherited conditions.

For couples

Partially covered by Medicare

1 couples kit, 2 swabs

Free genetic counselling included

Medicare Eligibility

This bundle includes a bulk billed Core test so it's important to check that you meet the following Medicare eligibility criteria before you buy:

  • Valid green Medicare number
  • Assigned female at birth
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Pregnant or planning a pregnancy
  • No previous Medicare benefit for a carrier screening test

If you're not eligible, our comprehensive carrier screening test is a great option that's available to you.

out of pocket

What's included

1 couples sample collection kit, 2 swabs

Doctor reviewed test results

DNA analysis in certified lab

Results consult with genetic counsellor

Frequently asked questions

Your saliva sample is destroyed after 30 days. In unusual cases when testing takes longer than 30 days, the specimen will be retained until the report is delivered.

You'll receive your test kit 1 - 2 business days after you place your order. From the moment we receive your saliva sample, the turnaround time to get your results is 9-12 weeks.

Each test comes with a consult with a Eugene genetic counsellor to discuss your results and any options you want to consider. If you’d like, we’ll also provide specialist referrals to support your ongoing care or forward your results to your GP or specialist.

Plus you can always access our free education tools.

80% of babies born with an inherited genetic condition had no family history of it. That’s why Eugene’s carrier screening is relevant when you are planning a pregnancy, regardless of your family background or history.

Core Carrier Screening is our most basic test, which screens for 3 genes - cystic fibrosis (CF), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and Fragile X. It's for people assigned female at birth and is covered by Medicare (male partners only get tested if their partner is found to be a carrier). 70% of at risk couples will be missed with this test because these diseases most commonly affect caucasians. If you have a different ethnic background or a family history with inherited conditions, a larger panel is a better option for you.

Couples Carrier Screening screens 620+ genes and is partially covered by Medicare. It's a bundle of Core Carrier Screening for the person assigned female at birth and an additional extended panel for the couple. It only provides one combined couples report so not suitable for people who need to know their individual carrier status, like individuals testing solo or using donors.

Comprehensive Carrier Screening is our most comprehensive option which screens for 780+ genes and is suitable for individuals, couples and donors as it provides an individual carrier status report as well as a combined couples report. 8 out of 10 people who do this test find out they are healthy carriers of at least 1 condition. It isn't covered by Medicare as it's only available at international labs. It's perfect for people who aren't eligible for Medicare, want to do the test solo, couples who want to know their individual risk status as well as their combined, or those who want to do everything they can to reduce their risk of having a baby with an inherited condition.

Approximately 1 in 50 couples (~2%) will find out that they have a high risk of having a child with one of the conditions on this test.

If you choose our Comprehensive test, you have more chance of identifying your risk with ~1 in 35 couples receiving a high risk result. It will also identify ~80% of individuals as a carrier through the additional individual risk status report.

This test is not meant to be used to diagnose a condition in yourself, however in rare cases being a carrier of some conditions may have some implications that could be relevant to your health. You can only use your results in this way if you do a test that has an individual carrier status report like Comprehensive Carrier Screening.

As a healthcare company, we comply with the most stringent local and international privacy and security regulations. We take incredible care to use technical, process and physical safeguards to secure your personal information and protect it against misuse, loss or alteration.

Finally, Eugene doesn’t share any of your data with anyone but you, the lab, and (with your express permission) your doctor.

Yes it is partially covered by Medicare. Couples Carrier Screening includes the Core test for the person assigned female at birth, which is bulk billed by Medicare leaving an out of pocket cost of $899 for the couples extended panel.

Unfortunately not. As this bundle includes a bulk billed Core test for the person assigned female at birth, Medicare eligibility is required. Our lab doesn't offer a non Medicare version of this test yet but as soon as they do, we will too.

Our Comprehensive Carrier Screening is available to you without Medicare and it's actually a more thorough test as it includes an individual carrier status report, as well as a combined couples report. The benefits of this is to understand what you personally carry so you can know how this might impact your health, use your results if you were to recouple, and share information with family members about what they may carry.

This test is designed for couples who were assigned female and male at birth. If you and your partner were assigned the same sex at birth, you can purchase two individual comprehensive tests.