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Genetic Counsellor

Why join Eugene?

We started Eugene to create a kinder, gentler and more affordable approach to health — to build the kind of healthcare service that we’d want for ourselves and our loved ones.

We’re a multidisciplinary team working together to make the best in healthcare advances accessible to everyone.

We’re growing fast and in two years we’ve helped over 5,500 people access next-generation genetic testing & expert clinical care to guide important healthcare decisions.

We build products at a fascinating intersection of health, technology and social impact.

What do we do?

We help people make important healthcare decisions with convenient access to at-home genetic tests and virtual clinical care. We take a clinician-led, tech-enabled approach to deliver accessible, compassionate and proactive healthcare at scale.

Since launching our first at-home genetic test to guide pregnancy planning in 2018, we’ve grown an average of 15% month-on-month and have raised over $1.5m, backed by some of the best and brightest in the health, startup and social impact investor community. Since then we’ve also launched a cancer risk test, and there’s a whole lot more to come.

About the role

Eugene is looking for an amazing human to join our team of genetic counsellors. The position is pretty flexible in regard to when hours are worked but we’d be looking at a minimum of 0.6FTE. 

At Eugene, the role of genetic counsellors is constantly evolving as we work with our in-house team of developers and designers to build tools that increase a counsellor’s capacity to support more clients. It is very important for genetic counsellors to be involved in and oversee the care of our members – most of whom will be using and experiencing the asynchronous self-directed pretest education tools we’ve built. 

You will work within the clinical team, which includes certified and associate genetic counsellors and alongside our customer support team to proactively deliver high quality care to all of our members.

Here are some of the things you’ll do on a day to day basis:

  • Provide genetic counselling over secure telehealth conferencing in-line with current standards of Eugene – this includes unwavering support for inclusiveness of ethnic diversity, sexual identity and orientation or individual beliefs.
  • Clearly and compassionately communicate test results to the people in your care, verbally and in writing.
  • For the people under your care, you’ll conscientiously keep records of your contact with them, and document their personal, family and reproductive history.
  • Provide client support as deemed necessary by the clinical team – this is likely to include an on-call model of clinical care in addition to set clinic hours to provide pre-test, post-test and customer enquiry support.
  • Review member family history and oversee the ordering of the comprehensive genetic testing panels through our partnered laboratories. 
  • We go above and beyond for the people that trust us to be part of their care team. We’d expect that you will too.
  • At the moment, most of our clients are seen for reproductive carrier screening. However, we also have an inherited cancer risk screen and will be launching a proactive cardiac disease risk test – and would expect you to be able to see clients for counselling around each of these services.
  • Work with the multidisciplinary team to maintain high customer satisfaction and develop new service delivery models that focus on efficiency and exploring the evolving concept of client-centred counselling. 
  • We are a remote first company, but we would love for you to be able to join us at several in-person working weeks throughout the year where appropriate. You will be given those dates well in advance.

You are looking for:

  • A diverse, helpful and encouraging team that welcomes you, your ideas and your lived experience.
  • A flexible workplace that recognises everyone has responsibilities and joys outside work.
  • Challenging, meaningful work with a measurable impact, done in close collaboration with a cross functional team including designers, software engineers and genetic counsellors.
  • A small team that loves to work together to solve problems in an environment that’s always close to the patient’s experience of what we build.
  • An environment where you will learn something new every day from new technologies to business development and leadership.


  • Care deeply about delivering considered, compassionate and convenient patient experiences.
  • Are excited to explore and create new and innovative ways of delivering healthcare services that help people engage with their health on their terms.
  • Are passionate about making genetics and other next-generation technologies accessible to everyday people.
  • Are tech-savvy and open to learning new technologies.
  • Want the flexibility to work outside of traditional 9-5 work hours.
  • Have a healthy respect for patient centred care, inclusion and health data security.
  • Are serious about abiding by relevant ethical, health and privacy regulations.
  • Want to experience a new way of genetic counselling working alongside developers and designers to rethink the 1:1 relationship we have with clients.
  • You are willing to work within the agile, fast-paced and constantly changing environment of a start-up, offering support and assistance to teams outside of the clinical space.

Qualifications and legal stuff

  • Eligible to apply for HGSA board eligibility, that is, holds a Master of Genetic Counselling (or equivalent) qualification (or local regulatory bodies – if practicing internationally)
  • Experience in using clear and inclusive communication of genetic counselling in a reproductive and cancer setting.
  • Be committed to ongoing clinical and genetic supervision and be working towards or having achieved certification.

How to apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter addressing the points above to https://app.beapplied.com/apply/2i4hufblmp

Our process will generally be as follows:

  • A one hour interview with the 2 members of the clinical team
  • A follow up interview with a panel of current team members
  • A “coffee” with our CEO

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