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Gifs on DNA, genetics of depression, and the grossly untrue (and hilarious) claims people make in the name of genetics

By Kunal Kalro

, on July 17, 2017

Scientists put a GIF into the DNA of a living bacteria

using CRISPR, a fancy new gene editing technique… (Read more)

Figuring out the genetics of depression

Depression is the most disabling chronic condition in the world. Finding the right treatment for a person can often take up to a year. New research is figuring out the genes associated with it and it could result in a dramatic improvement in treatment options.

What’s exciting about this research is digging deeper into the “recipe combo” of depression: genetics, circadian rhythms and brain chemistry. And how using all these factors could significantly improve the chance of a person getting the right treatment on the first try.

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Ugh. But also lol.

A company is making unbelievably untrue claims of maximizing your soccer potential with a DNA test… And it’s hilarious.

Fatal heart conditions being misdiagnosed as stress

Six in ten patients with inherited cardiovascular illnesses have their symptoms attributed to other causes AND it often takes doctors over 2 years to realise what is wrong with them.

It’s unsurprising that doctors are having a hard time keeping up with the speed of progress in genetics. That being said, this is just another reason to:

  1. Improve access to genetic screenings so that diagnoses can be caught early.
  2. Fund more research to find genes that are responsible for more of these conditions.

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