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A change in pricing for Eugene Carrier Screening

By Kunal Kalro

, on April 1, 2020

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, we are mindful about the massive impact it has had on everyone and really appreciate that we are living in unprecedented times. Fortunately, at Eugene we’ve always been operating online so we have been able to continue working at full capacity and do what we can to support individuals, health providers and help alleviate the pressure on the health system.

With everything that’s happening, we also wanted you to know that we are more passionate than ever to support you with complete expanded genetic carrier screening and an extra dose of human goodness. That being said, we wanted to inform you about some changes to our service…

New pricing changes

Because of the extreme drop in the value of the Aussie dollar, we have had to make the difficult but important decision to increase of price of testing.

Our new pricing is effective as of 1st of April at 12pm and will follow our simple pricing model of:

  • $549 for an individual — ⬆️ $70 from $479
  • $749 for a couple — ⬆️ $70 from $679

This change is an increase of $70 and as always, the one price includes the test, counselling, express shipping and everything else. Finally, even with the price increase, we can confirm we are still the most affordable all-inclusive, end-to-end service in the market and we maintain an incredibly high quality patient experience.

More financing options available

We know that we’re all in this together and like us, everyone is feeling the pinch so to ensure that more people can access testing when it matters, we have made more financial support options available.

  • Zipmoney allows you to pay in instalments starting at $40 a month
  • Afterpay allows you to pay for the test in 4 fortnightly instalments

If you have any questions, comments or concerns around Eugene, COVID-19, or anything else, we’re always happy to help! Just drop us a line us at any time at or at (03) 9015 4363.

Finally, we wanted to thank you for trusting Eugene to be part of your care team. We truly, truly appreciate it. 💙

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