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The Eugene app is shipping mid-2019.
Do I need carrier testing

You live in the 21st century.
Your healthcare should too.

Simple. Smart. Caring. It’s a healthcare app that doesn’t act like one. The Eugene app makes it easy to order tests, connect with counsellors, get referrals, and see all your reports in one place. No hoops, no running around, no dramas. And it’s easy on the eyes.

Things you can do on the app:

  • Order a Eugene Carrier test for yourself, and also for your partner (if they are being nice).
  • Message or video your counselling team.
  • Watch useful videos from your counsellor to learn more about how the test works and how to prepare for the results.
  • Share your reports with your trusted healthcare squad, whether it’s doctors, OBGYNs, partner or family.
  • See your reports, learn more about them at your own pace.
  • Get referrals to our hand selected healthcare professionals for in-person care, and track your appointments.

1. Request the carrier screening on the app

We make it super easy to request a carrier test with zero fuss, hoops and paperwork, and we’ll ship it straight to your home.

2. Connect with your personal genetic counsellor

Fill us in on your personal and family history so we can best tailor Eugene for you. Your team can also help you understand what to expect from this test, and how to prepare for the results.

3. Provide your sample from home

We'll mail a DNA kit to your home. All you have to do is spit in the tube and put it back in the box. We pick it up when you're done and notify you when our internationally accredited lab is done processing it.

4. Speak to your counsellor about your results

Schedule in an appointment with your counsellor to speak about your results. They’ll help you understand your results, and if necessary, consider your options and make choices that feel right for you.

5. Learn at your own pace & share results with your care squad

Results, reports, additional resources and videos from your counsellor are always in the app and always in simple language. You can also request extra calls from your counsellor.

If needed, we can also bridge the gap to in-person care with referrals to our hand-selected network of amazing healthcare providers.

Call in the care squad?

Share this with the people you trust to speak to about your health — whether that's your partner, parent, doctor or friend.

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